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Hidden Achievement
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Hidden Achievement

Pasti tau dunk apa itu Achievement ??? Bagi yang blm tau saya jelaskan sekilas, Achievement adalah Harga buronan dari Character kita. Semakin tinggi harga buronan, maka semakin tinggi Grade Bintang karakter kita.

Contoh :
[Image: 530333_3612209883138_876683675_a.jpg]

Ada berbagai macam Achievement yang dapat kita selesaikan untuk mendapatkan Harga Buronan.. Dimana 1 Point = 10.000 Berry.Disini saya tidak membahas achievement-achivement lainnya, tapi yang saya bahas adalah Hidden Achievement. Dimana Achievement ini tidak terdapat petunjuk, dan hanya didapatkan secara tidak sengaja.
[Image: 394831_3612223563480_806242798_a.jpg]

Bagi yang mendapatkan Hidden Achievement Selain yang saya share disini, Mohon ditambahkan dan berikan Keterangan sejelas-jelasnya.

Can I say dirty words : "Attack Arlong on Cocoyashi Village Failed 3 times"
Brothers, I beg you to let me : "Attack Smoker on Nanohana Desert Failed 5 times"
A terrifying flow : "Attack Wapol on Drum Island Failed 10 times"
Celaka …… : "Attack Crocodile on Royal Palace Failed 20 times"
Dewa, aku keceplosan! : "Attack God Enel on Golden Bell Failed 20 times"
Mohmoo really cool! : "Attack Moo on Cocoyashi Village Failed 1 times"
Zoro, Stop! : "Attack Tashigi on Logue Town Failed 3 times"
Hit a fly! : "Attack Laboon on Reverse Mountain Failed 1 times"
Clean the smart ... Also hung up! : "Attack Mr.5 on [Hidden] Whiskey Peak Failed 3 times"
Green ghost wrath! : "Attack Dorry on Little Garden Failed 1 times"
Red ghost battle! : "Attack Broggy on Little Garden Failed 1 times"
Candles dolls : "Attack Mr. 3 on Little Garden Failed 3 times"
I Hate Okama! : "Attack Mr. 2 on Alurbana Failed 3 times"
Goddess, ah, I'll give you knelt down ... : "Attack Nico Robin on Casino Rainbase Failed 3 times"
Get Ready : "Attack Mr. 1 on Alurbana Failed 3 times"
Shandia Prince : "Attack Wiper on Angel Island Failed 3 times"
Heaven Fury : "Attack High Priest Shura on God Casey Altar Failed 3 times"
Survival rate of 0% : "Attack High Priest Ohm on Giant Bean Vine Failed 3 times"
Playing with balls : "Attack High Priest Satori on Trial of The Ball Failed 3 times"
This is called assassination! : "Attack Kuro on Syrup Village Failed 1 times"
Curse of the Golden Flower" : "Attack Don Krieg on Baratie Failed 1 times"
The body is a Block! : "Attack Man Demon Gin on Baratie Failed 1 times"
Takoyaki : "Attack Hatchan on Cocoyashi Village Failed 2 times"
Good slip, thrilled! : "Attack Alvida on Logue Town Failed 3 times"
Fish bait! : "Attack Jonathan on G8 Fortress Failed 10 times"
Sigh! What a pain! : "Attack Porche on Long Ring Long Land Failed 10 times"
Sangat lambat sekali ! : "Attack Foxy on Long Ring Long Land Failed 20 times"
To save life, Exhibitionism! : "Attack Franky on Franky Family Failed 20 times"
Wrapped around the rope : "Attack Pauly on No. 1 Dock Failed 20 times"
Goddess, this time I get on the ground ... : "Attack Nico Robin on Night Attack Iceberg Failed 20 times"
Behind door : "Attack Blueno on Sea Train Failed 20 times"
Magical ability : "Attack Baskerville on Enies Lobby Upper Failed 20 times"
Doors everywhere : "Attack Blueno Enies Lobby Lower Failed 50 times"
Grandma Wolf : "Attack Jabura on Justice Tower Upper Failed 36 times"
There is no dead end : "Attack Kaku on Justice Tower Lower Failed 49 times"
Six king gun! : Attack Lucci on Door of Justice Failed 64 times"
Phoenix chains : "Attack Puzzle on The mysterious pirate ship Failed 21 times"
Brotherhood! : "Attack Campachino on LOVELYLAND Failed 26 times"
Heat Unlimited : "Attack The Accino on Accino castle Failed 29 times"

Source / Credit to Member Pirate Family (Supernova) Facebook Group, Name: Hendi Animelover
Original From Admin, PKO.IndCom
01-11-2013 02:28 AM
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